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Antique Floors was founded in 1996 by John Fredriksson. Originally from Sweden, the unique tradition of fine woodworking has been in his family for generations, and he began learning his craft from an early age. His passion is taking salvaged timber and giving it new life, in a new home.


Antique Floors produces the finest quality handcrafted timber flooring, thanks to John's "Old World" artistic inspiration and talent. The results are truly bespoke floors tailored to your personal tastes and custom environment.


John's search for fine wood stretches from century old French oak to Australian heritage


The Artisan
Pictured here, the artisan John Fredriksson

buildings and old woolsheds. This reclaimed timber is then cut to size, sanded by hand and restored with natural oils to create traditional designs to fit individual rooms and settings. With these floors you are not just walking through history, you are walking on history.


John can achieve the vintage look of hand scraped timber or any woodworking technique. He recreates these timbers into exquisite floors seen throughout the finest homes today. This craft stems from a passionate admiration and regard for materials existing since the early centuries. Every floor has a past. Every floor tells a story.