The John Fredriksson Signature Collection
Available in both 220 x 2200 x 21/6mm and 300 x 2800 x 21/6mm

The John Fredrikkson Signature collection is the culmination of 20 years by John of developing and refining French Country Plank oak flooring. From the rustic to saw cut, to the very modern,  the John Fredrikkson Signature collection is a range of exclusive, custom designed and made oak floors, finished in 100% VOC free natural oil.




by Antique Floors


One of the most complex and beautiful European oak boards made by Antique Floors. A unique preparation and oiling process results in random grey ageing to a board with hand finished natural knots and cracks. Oak Flooring does not get more bespoke than Antique. 


by Antique Floors


This heavily brushed European oak board is partially finished before being stripped back a little and then refinished in natural oiled. The result is Blanc, a stunning, heavy textural engineered oak board with a custom warn appearance.






by Antique Floors


The naturally occurring knots and crack of this gorgeous oak board have been hand finished. This beautiful oak floor is then finish in custom natural oil to deliver a warm chocolate brown oak floor that is genuinely stunning. Brun is an engineered oak floor that is highly suited to both period and contemporary spaces.



by Antique Floors


A contemporary oak floor that is clean, sophisticated and just a little seductive. This is a smooth engineered European oak board with a deep charcoal natural oil finish. Coffee Bean engineered oak flooring by Antique Floors always brings a contemporary chic to any space it is installed.



by Antique Floors


Decaf is simply the classical mid brown European oak floor. Finished in custom natural oil, this sensation engineered oak floor has strong grain highlights in each board, created through the custom oil process that accentuates the beauty of each oak floor and looks superb when laid.


by Antique Floors


A warm brown European oak floor with natural cracks and knots that have been hand sanded before this oak floor is smoked and then finished in custom natural oil. Ferme is a timeless engineered oak floor that brings warmth to every space it is installed.


by Antique Floors


This distinctive heavily wire brushed engineered oak board has been char burnt before being custom oiled to highlight the textural contrasts of the grain in each oak board.  Flamme by Antique Floors pushes the boundariesof engineered oak flooring



by Antique Floors


An elegant oak floor with subtle natural grey tones over an engineered oak board that still shows the warmth of the underlying natural oak. A classic grey oak floor finished in natural oil with the added appeal of natural knots and cracks. An oak floor with a vintage feel that is very new again.



by Antique Floors


Heritage has become a signature oak board of Antique Floors. Hints of grey, olive and black over a warm, light brown undertones, combine to create a European oak floor with a timeless feel. With the natural features of rustic oak that have been further hand finished. Heritage by Antique Floors is an example of natural oil finished engineered oak flooring at its best.



by Antique Floors


An attractive European oak floor which combines contemporary warm blonde tones and subtle hints of grey. This striking oak floor by Antique Floors has become one of our most popular. Juste has accentuated but naturally occurring knots and is been finished in natural oil to create a very special engineered oak floor.



by Antique Floors


A rich but cool brown oak floor with strong charcoal hints, combine to create a European oak floor that is contemporary but enduring. London by Antique Floors is a smooth, natural oil, engineeredoak floor that will stand the test of time.



by Antique Floors


Minuit is a truly striking European oak floor. A heavily brushed oak board with a deep brown and black natural oil finish that still retains warm oak undertones within the grain.  Masculine yet elegant at the same time, this heavily wired brush engineered oak board is finished in natural oil and absolutely beautiful when laid.


by Antique Floors


Nude is the result of a complex, custom oiling process, this smooth European oak board has the unique appearance of a raw oak floor but with the protection of a natural oil finish. Up until now this has been a desired but unachievable look in engineered oak flooring by architects and designers requiring a truly natural oil finish.



By Antique Floors


Oasis is a contemporary smooth oak floor which combines stunning light tones and a slight hint of grey in the grain. This outstanding European oak floor by Antique Floors is clean and very “current” and one of our most popular. A very beautiful engineered oak floor.