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Parquet flooring can benefit you in how it is actually more stable than solid timber flooring. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is made of three layers of wood at 90 degree angles to each other to reduce movement in the wood. There is a sheet of ecologically certified wood that gives each board perfect balance below it. Parquet is a perfect flooring choice for recreating mid-century modern decor styles. Prefinished tiles are the standard. You can find parquet tiles in many colors, with very hard and durable polyurethane finishes already applied. There is no mess or smell from finishing. Today's hardwood parquet floor tiles are solid wood—not engineered products with veneer layers. Back in the day, the primary wood species options were only oak and maple, parquet flooring can now be found in many other hardwoods, including some exotics.


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The Highest Quality

Antique Floors has the commitment and dedication to delivering flooring of the highest quality to our valued customers. Both our hand selected 100% recycled Australian Hardwood flooring and our range sustainably certified solid and engineered European oak pass the rigorous Antique Floors timber selection process. The highest standards of timber floor construction, a commitment to the environment and the wellbeing of our customers further sets us apart as industry leaders in the commitment to quality.

The Antique Floors Artisan

Antique Floors was established in 1996 by John Fredriksson.  A Sweden-born, the unique tradition of his timber craftsmanship has been in his family for generations.  John Fredriksson began learning the craft of custom timber flooring from an early age. His passion is taking salvaged timber and providing it new life, in a new home. 

Antique Floors produces the finest quality handcrafted timber flooring in both recycled Australian hardwoods and certified European oak. As a result of John's "Old World" artistic inspiration, the results are bespoke timber floors tailored to you. 

John's search for finest timber stretches from centuries old French oak and certified sustainably sourced new oak to reclaimed Australian hardwoods from dismantled period buildings and structures. These specially sourced timber is then cut to size, hand sanded and restored with natural oils to create classic and contemporary timber flooring. John Fredriksson creates exquisite timber floors.

You are welcome to visit our showroom and choose from an extensive range of floor boards— engineered hardwood flooring, hardwood flooring, parquet flooring, timber flooring, and more.

Antique Floors opens from Monday to Friday, starting from 08.00 AM until 04.00 PM and on Saturday from 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM Our showroom is at 67 John St, Leichhardt NSW 2040. Contact us for all enquiries on +61 2 9810 8838

The true passion we have for what we do and for our customers is clearly showcased when you pay a visit to our showroom