The Benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring

Both look and feel of your home can be significantly altered with the choice of your flooring. Your flooring preferences will determine the ambience of your home. Opting for timber flooring can be such a fantastic idea to begin with. Timber flooring has identified itself with the appeal of classic yet timelessness.  If you are thinking of timber flooring as part of your home development, oak has been such the go-to option. It is as super popular as solid or engineered flooring. There are several benefits that you and your family can get from choosing this particular type of oak flooring; its versatility, affordability, sustainability, and durability.

Engineered oak flooring stands out against solid timber oak due to how it is very adaptable. If you are going for the flooring style with a bespoke colour tone or board top layer thickness, this can be pulled off in such stunning way by enabling these planks to be placed in multiple different rooms. Engineered wood floorings are ranging in styles, finishes, and widths, which these grant you the flexibility and versatility for the final look of your flooring. Not only do engineered floors look fabulous when installed, but the variety of options welcomes you to get creative in truly making a personalized flooring home project

Cost and budgets are considered to be one of the things that get in the way of development projects. A great misconception is how timber flooring surrounding costs are connected. In fact, engineered flooring provides a friendly, cost-effective solution, compared to solid oak, tiles and carpet. With a mere surface layer of solid wood that can be adjusted in thickness instead of being composed of real wood timber, engineered oak boards can appear to be indistinguishable—and this also result in reduced expenditures. You will be able to find enjoyment the stunning textures of oak flooring without having to worry about your budget.

In contrast to solid oak, you will only be using a small portion of the tree by using 3 to 7 inches of oak wood as the top layer veneer. Meanwhile, solid oak wood uses the majority. This makes engineered oak not only are friendly to your budget, but also the environment. The compressed core of engineered flooring utilizes waste wood and pulp, using fewer materials during the construction process.

When choosing Engineered oak, you are opting for a truly sustainable product. There may have been a constant consciousness regarding the environment, that it is not less than essential to go greener with all aspects of your lifestyle, including your flooring choice. Engineered oak is intended to last a very long time; it is expected to have excellent durability yet come with the requirement of minimal maintenance. The fact that it is a dense hardwood, which widely known to have such incredible durability and strength, makes the ideal option for hectic residential or commercial properties. Engineered oak flooring has all that it takes to not make you look away from the decision to install at home.

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